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Wild Women Dont Get The Blues

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23 January
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ummm yeah i was born in this hell hole but hell im not going to die in this hell hole...im a crazy little girl(i am crazy ask any one) who is just a little dreamer but hey im not the only one i am most happy around my friends and every one tells me that i seem to make there day happyer so i figure i was put here on the earth to make others happy and i mean that in a non shallow way cuz i am faaaaaaaar from shallow... i am a party girl who just wants to have a little fun man i want to rave and party man and i seems to be a hippie i say that i was born in the wrong generation i should have been born in the 60s oh well i can also be veary tomboyish not the way i dress so much just kinda how i act some times. i study wicca and yoga yeah so i guess thats all i can think of but yeah *POOF*

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