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Sometimes comeing back helps you gain perspective on the future...

I thought it might be good to come back again and write in my journal again. I always felt like journaling was helpful to me in some ways. I suppose it is because I can write what I want to say better than to speak it. Furthermore I doubt anyone still reads my livejournals anymore anyway... or maybe there is still someone who will notice... It seems that I am still young, however, I no longer feel the excitement in life like I used to. I am afraid that I have grown bitter through all of my experiences and have been left with a synical out look.  I seem to be always on the go since I took up photography as a career and decided to go back to school for a degree in psychology so that maybe I can help others that are going through the same experiences that I have gone through. Through all of the medical issues that I have aquired (Gaulbladder removal, kidney stones, TMJ, and Tendanitis in my shoulder) I keep moving forward by winning awards for my photographs and keeping A's in all of my classes. Though I still feel like I am missing excitement, magic, and adventure in my life now I need to find my way back to that state of mind... how do I find my way back? Down the rabbit hole?

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