Amanda Aka PIXIE AKA LUNA (lunasnap) wrote,

well ok here i am maybe the only place i am safe from a boy so scared he has turned evil if i stay with him i will be unhappy he has drove away alot of my friends almost all i feel like every one hates me but if i leave he has threatened me with so much stuff he has almost made me lose my job my family and i lost desi i hate him yet i love him and he keeps saying im pregnant please goddess dont let it be so then i will always have ties this is my cry
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March 2 2004, 21:25:33 UTC 14 years ago

Nobody hates you. Maybe your parents can help you. If he is threatening you mayeb you should go to the authorities. I would say at least talk to your dad about this. I think if you were pregnany you would be the one to know, not him, but anyways, it's none of my business.