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I got in a car crash today and feeling a little sore and i left so i wouldnt feel sore it was wet and i hydro planed and bam right into the back of this car I tryed to stop but hell it didnt work i cryed so much i was scared i have never been in a cras befor but emotionaly i have been feeling just like my car felt today so maybe thats why it crashed to show the world how i felt the last two days but ill get out of this I refuse to feel like a car crash

this is kinda morbid eeeeeeee

On a happyer note I felt really happy the other day and i am looking on the briter side of things and trying to spell correctly yay i must not always look at things as down I was talking to this guy my dad works with named Mike and hes a real nice gut i swear he always sees me in a time of troubla like when i got lost he helped me find my way and when i got my flat tire him and my dad came and now when I got in this crazy wreck there he was to talk to me and he was so nice and comforting I like him alot hes a good guy and my aunt has a crush on him but sorry aunty hes married LOL Peace man
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