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Dawn of the dead

Well sunday i had a miscarage so i lost my baby and i had surgury and today i got fired from my jobe in bellmont at wholepharm fuckin stupid i am not doing so well so this is my life i am moving out of my parents in with brian in the apartment right next to Tanya and milliards isnt that weird lol
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im so sorry hun...things will pick up soon i hope (; *hugs*
miss amanda-

i'm sorry to hear about what happened:/ write about it.. write down everything you're feeling.. i think sometimes that helps, though i've never been in your situation. if you need to talk at all, let me know.. or vent in letters, whatever. let me know an address to write to.
hey jilly my new address is 5201 Brooktree Dr.
Apartment D 28208 I love you please write

oh, luna no! I'm so sorry sweetie. i know words can't really express. *hugs you* i'm sending all my love and prayers.
I didn't know you still used this journal
I'm sorry sweetheart. Things always pick up after these kind of things. Its just nature's way of preparing you for something better.

I'm Josh/NeoN from back in the KroNiK days. I introduced Rich to KroNiK, so you might remember me, but I'm not sure who you are since your old name doesn't show up anywhere.

If you wanna chat about old times, let me know. AIM: American Ogle

hi If u were in kronick u knew micah she is my friend my name is amanda
Luna I left you a comment on StarDancer's Journal, under the entry you commented to him. It should have six comments in total it's waiting there for you.